You’re ready to make the most delightful clients hungry for your product, service or vision.

And do it in ways that are engaging, professional, genuine and fun. For them and you.

I make that happen. arrowRightBlack

You’re ready to make the most delightful clients hungry for your product, service or vision.

And do it in ways that are engaging, professional, genuine and fun. For them and you.

I make that happen.


I’m Anne Molnar, the founder of Banyan & Finch Creative Communications. After over 15 years writing, teaching and learning how to communicate effectively, I pulled out all the stops and poured my heart into creating a communications firm that leads with expertise and follows through with care. To help change makers and businesses like yours make a statement and make their mark.

With an education* and experience that runs the gamut, I’ve done just about every sort of copy and communication you can imagine. I’ve helped grow online communities from the hundreds to (tens of!) thousands and strategized to get branding, speaking gigs and overall business strategies revved up, radiant and irresistible. When happy clients requested web and graphic design services with Banyan and Finch’s unique work ethic and philosophy, I sought out the best in the biz to be part of our team.

I work, one on one, with every client. Because every client is special.

YOU are special. And so is your business.

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(10 non-profesh extras about me, if you fancy ‘em)

  • I hold two university degrees: A Bachelor of Arts (BA), English Language and Literature and a triple BA, Classics, Humanities and Religion. I attended 4 universities to get ‘em. I also hold credits, courses or practical experience in art history, linguistics, women’s studies, meditation, community outreach and crisis counseling. Before all that post-secondary stuff, the Head of English at my high school wrote me a letter of reference for a scholarship. In it, he said I was, “in the top 1% of students [he had] taught since 1964”. I won the scholarship. But getting such high praise from him was even better.
  • I’m Canadian, born and bred. But of Japanese/British and Hungarian heritage. My husband is an African American of the Chicagoan variety. We met (and married!) in Japan, then had two fab kids.
  • I’m a book lover and collector of epic proportion. I’m particularly fond of big, thick reference numbers like dictionaries (Bonus factoid: My dictionary collection spans from a couple of 1600’s rarities, right up to some current gems rescued from the local bargain bin.)
  • I also collect antique typewriters.The first poem I ever sold was submitted to the publisher straight out of a 1908 #5 Underwood. Said prized Underwood can be seen here
  • I once hitched an 8 hour ride in the cargo hold of a Thai postal truck. I could’ve taken a mini-plane from Bangkok to Chiang Mai…but where’s the adventure in that? #YOLO
  • My “real” name is Elizabeth Anne Molnar. I’ve gone by Anne since the day I was born, but still sign everything with the first initial, “E”. (Legalities, people. You don’t mess with the law.)
  • For great wine. Yoga. Running. Travel. True friends. Art. Spicy food. Green smoothies. Violin solos. And great shoes. ANYTHING is possible in a sweet pair of heels. ( A couple of my faves are here and here.)
  • I’ve been a site administrator and ambassador team leader for Kris Carr’s online community for many years.
  • I am one! (Brownie points, Stieg Larsson readers.) My tat is a big dragon that covers the lower half of my back. It’s a non-traditional nod to my Japanese family and includes the kanji for “life”. After a difficult time, I got it as a reminder: Life is precious.
  • It’s the best one. (Oh, and flossing. Because good oral hygiene is almost as important as good communication.)
  • WANT A FEW MORE NOT-READY-FOR-PRIME-TIME TIDBITS (AND PICS)? (You are curious, aren’t you?)
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  • If you were in Canada in the early 1980’s, you might recall the game show, “Just Like Mom”. My mom and I were contestants. (And yes, for a time, it did make me cooler than the girl with an entire album of scratch ‘n ‘sniff stickers. I was bummed that my “bake-off challenge” was mac and cheese and not actual baking. We didn’t win. (But I still make a mean mac and cheese.)

  • I’m a feminist. An optimist. And a tree hugger. Sometimes a bit of a hippie. But not too in-your-face with any of them. (Unless you count this.)
  • Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead. Orange is the New Black. Anything from Shonda Rimes. Oh, and Mary Tyler Moore. Totally love me some Mary. (PRO-TIP: For a biz pick-me-up, this always works for me. In fact, this picture was taken just after I imitated Mary’s famous throwing-her-hat-in-the-air victory moment.)
  • After a lifetime of looking, I (finally!) found the pooch of my dreams in 2013. Her name is Lyra. She’s a rescue dog, abandoned before she was a year old. She was born completely blind, but her eyes are an ethereal, gorgeous, all around pale blue. She is the. Best. Dog. Ever. My heart’s grown ten sizes since she came into my family. (Her original posting on Pound Dog Rescue’s Facebook page is still here. But this, this and this more recent pic shows how much healthier she is today 🙂 )